Collaboration happens everywhere. Now you can extend your on-premises SharePoint environment to external partners and users

What is CloudExtra.NET?

CloudExtra.NET allows you to break down barriers to collaboration. It is a turn-key way to provide secure extranets for your customers and partners, without the hassle. With CloudExtra.NET, you get reporting and access management while eliminating the need to manage passwords for users outside of your company.

CloudExtra.NET seamlessly extends SharePoint collaboration

How does it Work?

The person that initiates the invitation is called a Sponsor.

Invite a user using their email address

The sponsor can tell the user something about the project or documents they are sharing. They can add their contact information in case the users have any questions.

Show them terms and conditions

When the user visits the site, they can be presented with custom terms and conditions so they know about your sharing policies and ensure that they agree before you let them in.

Invited users look just like other SharePoint users

No new interfaces or paradigms to learn. When the project is over, the sponsor can revoke the invitation and the invited user can no longer access the site.

 If the user was only invited for a specific period of time, CloudExtra.NET removes their access automatically

How do I get started?

CloudExtra.NET is built for organizations that use SharePoint 2013 on premises and have need to share data with external users.


Our flagship product

Enables you to extend your on-premises SharePoint farm to external users quickly and easily.


Display visual labels on sites

Categorize your SharePoint sites based on the criticality of the content.