Seem strange? does sharing corporate data on consumer platforms. Now you can extend your on-premises SharePoint environment to external users with CloudExtra.NET℠.

What is CloudExtra.NET℠?

CloudExtra.NET℠ allows you to break down barriers to collaboration. It is a turn-key way to provide secure extranets for your partners and customers, without the hassle. It extends SharePoint naturally, the way it was meant to be. No more shadow accounts or data escaping company walls through sharing products that were meant for consumers. You get reporting and access management while eliminating the need to manage passwords for people that don't work for you.

How does it Work?

The person that initiates the share is called a Sponsor.


You add someone’s email address to a site and customize the invitation. Tell them something about the project or about the documents you are sharing with them and maybe add your contact information.


After receiving the email, the user visits the site they can be presented with your custom terms and conditions. This way you can provide information about your sharing policies and ensure that they agree before we let them in.


You manage an invited user just like you would any other SharePoint user. No new interfaces or paradigms to learn.

When the project is over, the sponsor can revoke the invitation and the invited user can no longer access the site. If the user was only invited for specific period of time, then their access automatically expires and they are blocked from accessing the site.

How do I get Started?

We are looking to provide early access to the beta for a select group of customers. Interested? Wondering if your organization is ready to support external collaboration? Let us help you.

Download the BETA